Create random password using /dev/urandom

In many situation administrators are affronted to generate passwords, however it’s more secure to keep in eyes random password even that ordinarie one.
Well, for such use let’s keep it simple and let’s define some files:

/dev/random: is a special file that serves as a true random number generator or as a pseudorandom number generator.
/dev/urandom: (“unlocked” random source) which reuses the internal pool to produce more pseudo-random bits.

If your system does not have /dev/random and /dev/urandom created already, they can be created with the following commands:
$ mknod -m 644 /dev/random c 1 8
$ mknod -m 644 /dev/urandom c 1 9
$ chown root:root /dev/random /dev/urandom

$ tr -cd a-zA-Z0-9 < /dev/urandom | head -c 12 ; echo ""


Author: Ali MEZGANI

My name is MEZGANI Ali. I was born back in 1978 in Rabat Morocco. My interests are Debian Linux , programming , science and music.

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