Install bower on Ubuntu 14.04

I need to install bower to manage my js library for such use I need to install it using npm the nodejs package manager.
I you need nodejs on ubuntu 14.04 don’t install it using apt-get, the ubuntu packages are bad.
You may install the official package for ubuntu from nodejs website.

curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
sudo apt-get install --yes nodejs

bower is a shell tool, you have to install it globally so I run:
npm install -g bower


Quick setup : Free tier ec2 amazon instance

I create a free tier ec2 instance in amazon, I reserve an Elastic IP and assign it to my instance.
I install nginx and When I need to access nginx from internet, for that I went to my domain registrar godaddy I create a CNAME that point to this Elastic IP.
Finally I create a security group, I open stream to HTTP port, and my ec2 instance is became ready to use and to share http content.