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I’m Linux system engineer and I develop in Python, Bash and Perl. I’m really interested by SRE position for that, I’m applying for SRE Engineer in Google and production Engineer in facebook. and here I share my daily bookmarks :



Repair mongodb on a bad shutdown

On my Debian box i run, and that should work also on Ubuntu :

sudo rm /var/lib/mongodb/mongod.lock
sudo mongod –dbpath /var/lib/mongodb –repair
sudo chown mongodb /var/lib/mongodb/*
sudo service mongodb start

Recording a Sound File

To record a simple WAV sample from the microphone and save it to a file called `hello.wav’, install sox and type:
$ rec hello.wav

this command begins an 8,000 Hz, monaural 8-bit WAV recording to the file `hello.wav’, and keeps recording until you interrupt it with C-c.
While the default is to make a low-fidelity recording — 8,000 Hz, monaural 8-bit samples — you can specify that a high-fidelity recording be made.
(But remember that high-fidelity recordings take up much more disk space.)

To make a stereo recording, use the `-c’ option to specify the number of channels, giving 2 as the argument. To make a 16-bit recording, give `w’ (“wide”) as the argument to the `-s’ (“sample size”) option.
Set the recording sample rate by giving the samples per second to use as an argument to the `-r’ option. For CD-quality audio at 44,100Hz, use `-r 44100′.
Finally, to record a file in a particular format, either give the name of the format as an argument to the `-f’ option, or use the traditional file name extension for that format in the output file name (see Sound File Formats).

To make a high-fidelity recording from the microphone and save it to a WAV-format file called `goodbye.wav’, type:
$ rec -s w -c 2 -r 44100 goodbye.wav

(From DSL cookbook)

Code names of Debian

When a Debian distribution is in the development stage, it has no version number but a codename. The purpose of these code names is to make easier the mirroring of the Debian distributions.
The code names of Debian releases are names of characters from the film Toy Story. The unstable, development distribution is permanently nicknamed sid, after the emotionally unstable next-door neighbor boy who regularly destroyed toys.

Code names of Debian
Code names of Debian